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Amber Rowland, Founder
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“I worked with Amber for more than 5 years at HashiCorp. In the early days, she took a bet on the founding team to work with us. Although we were small, she made sure we established key relationships with relevant press and analysts in our community. Her approach was very long term oriented, and built on fostering relationships and building trust rather than trying for transactional interactions.”

Armon Dadgar

Co-founder and CTO of HashiCorp

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The Rowland Agency is a premier boutique PR agency for B2B and B2D startups who are pioneering innovative technologies, defining new categories and challenging traditional business models. We create and execute strategic programs based on what success looks like and deliver the highest impact results.

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What Clients are saying...
  • Amber is a PR machine. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with her over the past year to lay the foundation for our communications efforts. Our coverage went from 0 to 100 within a few months of working together and our share of voice in the media improved drastically. It is unbelievable how one person can produce more than a 25+ person agency. She was able to evolve our messaging and tagline to enhance our positioning in a saturated cloud market and understands how to develop engaging content that resonates with a technical audience. She is a overachiever and cares deeply about maximizing value for her clients. I highly recommend Amber to any high growth tech business that is looking to accelerate their PR efforts from the ground up.

    Mitch Wainer

    DigitalOcean Co-founder


A friend once told me that when it comes to PR, there's only bad and worse. Amber proved that wrong. Amber is nothing short of a stellar public relations professional. She's high-energy, has meaningful relationships with the most influential editors and is super fun to work with. We worked closely on hundreds of projects, ranging from precision placement of company news, through interviews with top technology journalists, to positioning my company for major industry awards - several of which we won including The Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.

    David Helgason

    Founding CEO of Unity Technologies

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber for several years and in many capacities. Whether at events, press interviews or brainstorming positioning and messaging, Amber brings the right balance of persistence, creativity, technical skills and marketing experience to the table. I personally rely on her for my own goals and would heartily recommend her to any young companies looking to make meaningful progress in their public perception.

    Steve Herrod

    Former VMware CTO

    I'm in awe of Amber's abilities. 

Just talking to her about how to communicate effectively has changed my life and the path of multiple startups for the better. 

I was impressed with how she helped me craft and tailor my company's story for each audience, with her ability to drive high impact results and with her collaborative, consistent approach to success. 

Amber is an overachieving craftswoman.

    Jeremy LaTrasse

    Twitter Co-founder

  • Amber laid the foundation for HashiCorp’s PR success. She has a complete grasp of our space, understands complex technology, and is excellent in communicating with diverse audiences. We are very grateful for her focus, guidance, and responsiveness. Her professionalism and willingness to give candid feedback make Amber a pleasure to work with.

    Kevin Fishner

    1st VP of Marketing at HashiCorp

    Amber is truly remarkable at what she does and is the epitome of what it means to be a Silicon Valley PR professional. She did a remarkable job of getting us coverage in TechCrunch, the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, BusinessWeek, the Boston Globe and a whole host of other outlets.

    Zulfikar Ramzan


  • Amber is a top-performer in the business of buzz. From laying out a strategy for outbound communications to getting your story to the right opinion shapers at the right time to whipping an exec team into press-worthy shape, she is capable of helping any technology startup or enterprise software company looking to improve their PR or AR results. The best part? She is no wimp to pressure, demonstrating sound judgment, capable of quickly turning on a dime when life happens and executing flawlessly against unrealistic timelines. She gets the job done with constant grace and aplomb.

    Ken Cheney

    CRO at Message Bus

    Amber did an amazing job launching Datera out of stealth mode, on a compressed schedule with limited in-house support. Her outstanding results speak for themselves: We got press coverage in more than 50 online magazines, incl. WSJ, Forbes and Fortune, and conducted almost 40 analyst briefings, incl. many key thought leaders, resulting in excellent analyst coverage and great personal relationships. It’s hard to imagine anyone could have delivered better AR/PR results than Amber – she is simply one of the best.

    Marc Fleischmann

    Founding CEO of Datera

  • Amber is a PR wizard and delivered phenomenal results, including a wide reach to media, analysts and influencers in the enterprise technology field. Amber is the best at what she does, works extremely hard and her passion for her work is contagious. Our launch would not be nearly as successful without her. I look forward to working closely with her for upcoming years.

    Madhura Maskasky

    Co-founder and Head of Product at Platform9

    Amber delivered outrageous results, drawing the press, analysts and community to us in a compelling manner -- which led to Best of Show awards at VMworld. We could not have had a better step forward into the market. 
She works incredibly hard, with equal parts of integrity and insight into the nuances of effective communications. First rate, first class, she is.

    John Blumenthal

    Founding CEO of CloudPhysics